Small Epiphanies | Title Sequence process

Nearly done with those vectors. I decided that I should just halt making more items for the grid and just move forward. I got my head that I should make this title sequence exactly the same as the original, but it’s suppose to inspired by it. I don’t need to make the entire 30 seconds. Especially since I’m working on the project alone, have other things to attend to, and only till Friday. There’s no way I will be even close to done animating if I follow it exactly. I don’t know why I got it in my head that I had to be. Now that I’ve realized that, I can speed up the process.

Since I’m changing it up I found some music and will be hunting some free sounds down to lay over it. I’m going to leave that till the end since it’s less important than just animating at this point. The plan is to just get as close to finished as possible and submit Thursday night. I didn’t accomplish the goals from yesterday, but now that I am stopping the grid concepts I can focus on the animations. I just wanted to finish making concepts for every single square, and now I’m realizing I could have moved on a long time ago. The more you learn.

Night friends,



More Vectors & Monday Goals

Today was draining…got some vectoring done, but we had a memorial in the middle of the day so I felt pretty emotionally drained after that. I wasn’t expecting to get much done after it, but I’m still finding myself frustrated with how behind I am. Tomorrow will be busy, but excited to take on the crazy this week will offer!

I have plans to rise early and work work work until I have to go down to Denver. There’s a panel for Denver Startup Week in the middle of the day on Meow Wolf. Super excited to attend! I might bring my computer down with me so that I can get some work done after the fact, or get on a bus back right away…I have yet to decide. Goal is to have all vectors done, animation files prepped, at just one animated square. I got this. #tired


More Vectors | Title Sequence Process

Why is furniture shopping so tiring? I spent half my day at IKEA…I’m tired. But getting closer to finished with those vectors. I’m slowly becoming a morning person so I’ll do my best to wake up early to finish the vectoring tomorrow. It’d be nice if I can start animating before midnight tomorrow…I might shorten the animation due to time constraints…Or like I said yesterday, abandon sleep.


Vector Till You Fall Asleep

Still got loads to do, but progress is progress. I went back to the drawing board. Really tried to figure out what all the squares will look like before vectoring. I tried to draw something for every single square. The lack of a solid plan was hindering me. Not to self do not generally label, be specific. I’m still working out where each square will goes, but there are specific aspects I want to correlate. Example clicking the ‘bold’ button will bold the text at the same time. Similar to the arrow being shot and hitting the heart in the original. Since the grid is modular I’ll be easy to switch them around once I’ve finished vectoring.

I plan to stay up a bit later tonight to finish at least one or two more boards. Animation is going to crazy, not to mention it’ll take a least a day to prep everything. Cross fingers I finish on time. I might have bitten off more than I can chew…might have to pull an all nighter or two. Unless someone wants to help out animation wise? I might just have to cancel some Denver Startup Week plans. We’ll see if I’m on track tomorrow.


BookTube-A-Thon Title Sequence WIP

Working on my title sequences for my BookTube-A-Thon TBR. I was aiming to enter the giveaway for a box of books, but I realized that I didn’t have enough time to finish. So here’s the process of the lettering so far. I’m in the middle of the vectoring and have to still animate it a bit. Not to mention edit all the video I filmed today. Planning on doing some more takes tomorrow. I don’t know if I said this before, but I’m using this as a test run for my Selfi Animation, also, it’s been fun diving into more lettering.

I have a lot to do tomorrow so hoping that I can finish this up and get it done by the end of tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about it. I’m trying to get ahead this week so that I can allot more time to reading next week.


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.06.14 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.58.37 PM

Basic Type | Selfi Progress

In order to significantly increase my progress on the selfi project I thought I should develop some basic type for the parts that aren’t going to be hand lettered. It’ll help with keeping everything cohesive and much easier on myself. I haven’t created the whole alphabet, yet, but plan on doing so tomorrow. Here’s the shapes I’ve done so far with the opening of my script.


Aside from that I did go back to edit my script. I felt like it was reading too formal for the way I talk so I’ve changed up some parts and added in new bits. I don’t want to share the script in it’s entirety until the project is done, so don’t look for it. Plus, I’ll eventually be posting all the styleframes so you’ll be able to piece it together.

I’m crossing fingers that I can start animating Monday. I’ve change the script so many times that the process for hand lettering is taking longer. I’m trying to hold off on vectoring until I’ve locked in the script and lettering styles. I’m nearly set on the style, I think I’m in need of listening to the quote of “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” Starting to drag this project out as a result of the “perfect” issue, which is not helpful.

Welp, more progress tomorrow!


Snackadoodle Revisit

It’s been a long while since I’ve revisited my Snackadoodle animation. So I’ve decided to really shorten this story down. I bit off a bit more than I could chew during January, so I’m dialing it back and simplifying the story down.

Starting with a sketch in illustrator again. The storyline is Snackadoodle spots a Twinkie in a mouse trap and tries to take it. However as he does the trap snaps and almost gets him. It destroys the Twinkie and he is sad because his snack is now in ruins. He still takes what he can and lumbers away. Simple and easier to practice my character animation skills. Below is the beginning of the build up of the style I’m aiming for. More work to be done, but I must go to bed!

Nighty night,