Animatics | Title Sequence WIP

I’m still working on my sound design skills. I don’t ever expect to be a professional, but I would like to know enough to make my own videos work for me. As a result of being an utter newb, I spent a couple hours trying to find a song for my animatic because I didn’t like the original one I picked. I think the once I found is much better suited, not perfect since I can’t exactly commission one…But it’ll work for the contest entry.

Below is an animatic with music. Rebuilding all the assets is still being worked out and how all animation is going to be. Some of the timing still needs reworking, I feel like some of the titles go by quite fast, but I want to keep everything timed with the music beats still. I’m also finicky on use of red in that one frame, but it makes sense… I’ll figure out how I want to portray it when I get to that particular animation. Feel free to watch and tweet me some critiques!

Password: Zonaefly

Okay, gonna go watch Stranger Things again with the parents.



Animation Inspiration 87

A very mograph day today. Woke up to watch EC Abrams live stream on Adobe. T’was lit. Watching it again in the morning followed by animating. Title sequence wise I went back to the illustrations. I didn’t spend as much time with that step as I wanted, so I added another quick part. I’m going back through and adding the shots that I originally cut out due to time restrictions. Although, if I’m not careful I’ll be in the same boat as last time. I’ll do a cut off with fixing illustrations of tomorrow night. From Thursday on will be animation.

Since I don’t have a lot else from that leaving some inspiration again. One longer one and a very short one.

Werebeast | By Blink Industries & Nickelodeon International | Created by James Lancett

I want a full series with these characters. LOVE IT. Just love it. The illustrations are amazing and a hilarious plot. I just want more. I’m so sad it’s a short and not entire series. Just want to delve into the characters more and the strange world they’re in.

La Forêt | By GIF TEAM

I love when animation mixes with analogue techniques and styles. Very beautiful design and makes me want to pull out my paint. Will have to experiment after watching the loops on this piece. The sound design is amazing too! Great piece!

Updates & Animation Inspiration 78

Update to the previous post on the recreate a title sequence contest. For the title sequence I’m going to focus on the book choice since that will determine the mood. From there I can try to find a 2D sequence that I can mimic which fits that same mood. I probably should have done that earlier today, but instead I went down the rabbit hole that is Art of the Title. Too many title sequences in my head now.

Bootcamp is also done. I didn’t quite finish the character throwing the ball like I wanted to today. Combination of lack of willpower and complicated tweening process turned into me getting only partially through the tween. Really love keyframes, really hate tweens. Character Animation is hard. It sounds stupid to say that, but it’s just hard. Seriously even though I’m not finished with the course (I can still complete the rest of the lessons just no more critique time) I’ve learned so much! It’s crazy seeing how much School of Motion has kicked my ass and changed my animation skills. I’ll try to have an updated reel for you guys to see soon. Just taking my time trying to really learn that art of animation first. Love you SoM. ❤

Since I haven’t progressed far on the title sequence contest, nor finished all the bootcamp stuff I’m throwing up some inspiration. Depending on how crazy my weekend is I might have another update for these projects, but I’m trying to spend some time reading too. I haven’t gotten too far in my Bout of Books goals. Just want to finish at least one book by Sunday. Which is doable if I actually sit down to read.


Rocklets + Mogul | By Zublime

This is like a completely animated Skittles commercial, but better because it’s animated.

Madita | By Animography

I love Animography! They always have fun fonts to watch animate. This one is great because the promotion has such a strong story to it. Beautiful transitions and sound design. If you don’t know about Animography, they create animated typefaces which you can purchase and use. I recommend checking them out even if you can’t buy, because they’re super fun and great for inspiration! There are a couple free types you can download. Love this!

Animation Inspiration 75

Spent today babysitting and drawing with the kids. I sketched on my ipad and have yet to transfer over to my computer. Might continue drawing later, if not will share the sketches tomorrow.

AMI | By Tantrum

Lovely transitions throughout the entire piece. Leaves a great feeling and has great movement for the eye. The animators do a wonderful job with helping the eye follow lines and focus on key elements. Great design work and a pleasure to watch!

Nadia Comaneci perfect 10 | By Fluor

Love this. I’ve been watching Olympic athletes and wanting to make some gifs. Have yet to find enough time in the day to make all the projects. Soon. This animation is simple, well as simple as animating a gymnast can be, and pleasant to watch. Great drawings and sound design.

Animation Inspiration 70

Harry Potter Post coming soon. I’m doing this out of order since I got a little behind with the craziness of yesterday. Got to process a few photos and thoughts around the book. I also feel that it’s been awhile since I’ve done an Animation Inspiration even though it’s only been a little over a week. So here’s a couple videos to watch!

Nielson Music Video – Kop in het Zand | By Woodwork

Love this video! The character animation is delightful to watch and all the little components that go into this music video. I don’t know what the lyrics are about ’cause I only speak English and I’m terrible at French, but I imagine that the lyrics match up well to the feel of the video. Great musical piece and fun to watch!

LoopdeLoop PRANK | By Will P

Warning NSFW! 

Love this loop. It’s a great tide to old videos while including a strange take on it because of the animation. The hyperbolized nature of the character with the odd ending makes it all that much more weird. I personally find it super amusing. There’s a great style of illustration to it with the bubbly old music. It’s fun to watch.

Animation Inspiration 68

I have to go to bed early because my friend made a challenge with me that I have to start waking up to take selfies by 9 AM. This is an effort to fix my sleep schedule which is very off at this point. So tonight I bring you these lovely animations.

2D Animation ORBS FXES | By Ivan Boyko

It’s completely normal to make your own sound effects, right? ‘Cause that’s what I did when I pressed the play button. Shows you how much I’ve matured since kindergarten. Woooshhh, pssshooooshwoooshoooowowooshhhhhwoooohhhhhshpppppssssstttttsshoooo….ww……okay I think I made my point.

The Design Conference 2016 event titles | From The Design Conference

Absolutely loving these whimsical event titles. They’re very fresh and bouncy and have that summer feeling to them. Very happy and cool. Love the cutouts and sketch look to them! Great fun music to go along with it too!

Animation Inspiration 67

Since I’m trying to still clean and get myself back to the top of my game I’ll just be providing some inspirational animations until I create something I feel worthy of the internet.

Science World: How do you stop mosquitos from spreading disease? | By Polyester Studio

This is cute. It makes me laugh and reminds me of how much I hate mosquitos.

Coke Contour | By Gareth O’Brien

Nice and simple animation with fun shapes and definitely on brand.

Animation Inspiration 66

So I wanted to be finished with my Booktube-A-Thon TBR video, honestly, I got distracted. So since I don’t have an update for that tonight I’ll just leave you with a couple animations.

TomTom – Drive | By Colin Hesterly

This one has some fun animations while keeping the design simplistic and “corporate” feeling. It’s very to the point and easy to follow. Very fluid and great fun to watch. Love the music that goes along with it and how easy the script is to read. Love Colin Hesterly’s work, this was great to watch!

Senna, in the Heart of Brazil | By Le Cube

This one I watched a few times because it’s hard to read the subtitles and concentrate on the animation at the same time. The animation is amazing with fluid transitions and great follow through. Love the rain with the little splashes and details. The movement from scene to scene is beautiful and translates the feeling of the narrator extremely well. Lovely piece!

Animation Inspiration 65

We spent most of today hanging out with family and driving so I don’t have a ton to show you today. Here’s some Animation Inspiration to inspire you to create tomorrow!

Shh! We Have A Plan – Trailer | By Chris Haughton

This is cute! I love the character designs and simple plot. Adorable trailer!

Soviet Cars GIFS | by Nikolay Ivanov

Love these loops. I’ve never animated a car, it looks like it’d be a bit complicated with all the different moving parts. Although, it probably can’t be much more complicated than figuring out how to make a smooth character animation. I love all the different moving parts on each vehicle. Would love it if I could see more animated gifs of the cars in action!