Wolves & Color Combos

Working on trying to go to bed before 1 AM so that I get some good sleep in. Here’s a link to my Inktober and a screenshot of some color combos I’m working on while redoing my website. Starting to block on some layouts.



Animation Inspiration 73 | Backpack Sketch & Interactive Olympic Site

Drew another¬†backpack sketch while watching Syd Weiler’s Twitch stream today. I like going on there to watch other people create. It’s inspiring and motivating. The problem is that my computer overheats¬†if I watch¬†a stream and try¬†to animate at the same time. It’s fun to sketch, but I would prefer animating at the same time. Oh well, as long as I’m creating something.


Also sharing this awesome¬†website about some of the¬†Olympic athletes. I like the incorporation of motion graphics and video as it explains how each of the athletes move. If you have time I recommend going through each of the featured people. It’s very interesting. Love the interactivity of the site. I’m enjoying the trend of using¬†videos as the site¬†background.

NY Times Interactive Olympics




Boring bits

I know today is suppose to be animation update, but I didn’t get really far in animating so going to wait to do so until I do. No point in showing an update if I didn’t really do anything.

Today, I started gathering some materials together for my website redesign. I’ve recently been trying to understand wordpress.org and all the details that go into designing a portfolio on that. Since I don’t have much to show for you guys today I’ll leave you with a link to my pinterest webdesign board which has some cool ideas that I’m thinking about using for my designs.