Lettering Wednesdays

*Technically it’s Thursday since I’m posting this before going to bed and it’s after midnight, I’ll try to post earlier in the future. 

I’m not finished with this lettering piece but I thought I’d screencap the drafts I’m working on for you. It’s a nice bit of process while I figure out word hierarchy. It’s a quote I feel is quite relevant these days and an important issue.

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.
-Edward Abbey


Will have a post on Friday with some fun illustrations. I was hoping I’d get a reply from someone before posting it, but it doesn’t seem likely so I’m just going to post it on Friday. Excited to share that with you, it’s a fun creative piece that I spent a lot of time working on.

Happy arting friends!



Wolves & Color Combos

Working on trying to go to bed before 1 AM so that I get some good sleep in. Here’s a link to my Inktober and a screenshot of some color combos I’m working on while redoing my website. Starting to block on some layouts.


Animatics | Title Sequence WIP

I’m still working on my sound design skills. I don’t ever expect to be a professional, but I would like to know enough to make my own videos work for me. As a result of being an utter newb, I spent a couple hours trying to find a song for my animatic because I didn’t like the original one I picked. I think the once I found is much better suited, not perfect since I can’t exactly commission one…But it’ll work for the contest entry.

Below is an animatic with music. Rebuilding all the assets is still being worked out and how all animation is going to be. Some of the timing still needs reworking, I feel like some of the titles go by quite fast, but I want to keep everything timed with the music beats still. I’m also finicky on use of red in that one frame, but it makes sense… I’ll figure out how I want to portray it when I get to that particular animation. Feel free to watch and tweet me some critiques!

Password: Zonaefly

Okay, gonna go watch Stranger Things again with the parents.


Title Sequence | WIP resume

Title sequence updates again! Most of my difficulties have lay within my lack of boards for the actual titles. Last week I had planned to just animate with shape layers well into the night, but after working these today I realize I should have had them done way earlier. Just thankful that the contest deadline got extended. I’m starting to wonder if I’d been able to finish at all. I think I would have done something, maybe not a great animation, but I would have finished. So thankful I have time to really hone and finesse this.

Below are the boards with text which is what I felt has been missing the last couple days. Animation resumes tomorrow. I plan on getting a better grasp of the timing and chronological order I want. Also I want to work on sound design since I have more time. Excited to get back into the groove of animating this!


More Vectors | Title Sequence Process

Why is furniture shopping so tiring? I spent half my day at IKEA…I’m tired. But getting closer to finished with those vectors. I’m slowly becoming a morning person so I’ll do my best to wake up early to finish the vectoring tomorrow. It’d be nice if I can start animating before midnight tomorrow…I might shorten the animation due to time constraints…Or like I said yesterday, abandon sleep.


Title Sequence Brainstorm

I’m using this blog as a brainstorming session for the title sequence project. Bare with my strange style for the moment. I have screenshots of Man Seeking Woman. In the captions I’m writing ideas of what I could illustrate in this section. It’s still general at this point, but I want a plan for the story it’s illustrating. It’ll help me come up with relevant ideas. I hopefully will be able to get some vectors started tomorrow night that go along with this theme.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.07.45 PM

(1) Focus on a “writer”

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.08.23 PM

(2) Writing tools like pencils, journals, desk lamps and opening your computer. Happy stuff from the beginning of the writing process.


Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.08.45 PM

(3) Hand with pen or arms reaching out to type, but a hand cramp or spilling coffee.


Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.09.31 PM

(4) Week of writer’s block and everything that can go wrong in preventing you from writing starts.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.10.12 PM

(5) Crumpled paper with angry writer’s block type of characters running around.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.10.31 PM

(6) More allusions to the stress of writing a story. Maybe heavy eyes or writing scribbles and failure to finish.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.10.59 PM

(7) Broken lamp or pencils with a coffee spill.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.11.28 PM

(8) A combination of good and bad things having to do with stories can go here.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.11.55 PM

(9) Hand touches the computer and it shuts down with a “fail” sign.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.12.56 PM

(10) Some redemption for the writer with crazy icons based on simple things like a shower or eating?

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.12.34 PM

(11) The name is pulled out of a typewriter and laid down on a pile

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.13.31 PM

(12) Last frame is of a book falling or flopping down maybe? Title appears with full National Novel Writing Month there.



Vectored Ideas

I have more lettering pieces that I’ve been working on for my selfi mograph, but I’m still trying to vector everything. I keep thinking “Today’s the day I can start animating” and then I realize that I haven’t even finished the vectoring part. It’s just a long project that I’m working hard on, and have to keep reminding myself that it takes a lot of time.

Here’s a few icons that I’ve vectored so far, but I’m still perfecting them.


I have a very specific idea for how I want to animate them into each other. The icons are suppose to follow the script that says ‘from books to film to tv  to…’ I want the animation to be very fluid, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Been working on the lettering too much. Gotta find the balance between creating all these assets and actually getting my project done pretty quickly here.

So more designs to come soon with this. I’ve recently updated my techniques so I’m hoping that will speed things up. Anyway, I need to get back to writing for NaNo Wrimo, so more updates later!


Nano Prep Night

Camp NanoWrimo starts at midnight so I’ve been prepping for July’s craziness by moodboarding out my characters via Pinterest. I also took some extra time to create a little scenery for some places that the plot might occur at. I dunno, this piece became a little bit more about the landscape than the idea in my head while I drew. I’ll revisit and change some things around. Also much plotting is still needed to be done so updates to drawings will happen soon!



Basic Type | Selfi Progress

In order to significantly increase my progress on the selfi project I thought I should develop some basic type for the parts that aren’t going to be hand lettered. It’ll help with keeping everything cohesive and much easier on myself. I haven’t created the whole alphabet, yet, but plan on doing so tomorrow. Here’s the shapes I’ve done so far with the opening of my script.


Aside from that I did go back to edit my script. I felt like it was reading too formal for the way I talk so I’ve changed up some parts and added in new bits. I don’t want to share the script in it’s entirety until the project is done, so don’t look for it. Plus, I’ll eventually be posting all the styleframes so you’ll be able to piece it together.

I’m crossing fingers that I can start animating Monday. I’ve change the script so many times that the process for hand lettering is taking longer. I’m trying to hold off on vectoring until I’ve locked in the script and lettering styles. I’m nearly set on the style, I think I’m in need of listening to the quote of “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” Starting to drag this project out as a result of the “perfect” issue, which is not helpful.

Welp, more progress tomorrow!


Selfi Mograph Update

Wasn’t paying attention to the time tonight. Got caught up in listening to stories from my sister’s trip to Europe. I didn’t realize that it was after midnight until just now.

Selfi Mograph Update: I still haven’t reached animating stage as I had hoped. Been trying to concentrate on editing the script and lettering from there. It’ll come together better when I figure out my voice recording. I’m trying to find the right voice for it. Also, I’ve been stumbling over some of the words I’ve written, not because they’re hard to say but because they sound too formal or like a presentation. I keep changing things as a result, so getting a bit behind as a result. The new adjusted goal is to be animating by Monday.

Here’s some of the sketches so far:


Hopefully will be farther along tomorrow. I have a lot of catchup on Character Animation Bootcamp already so I’m likely to back burner this until I’m at least on top of that.