2017 New Year Words

I’ve decided to forgo the 365-day habit this year, this is a change after two years. I love daily habit building resolutions, but I find that I don’t really work on those projects but scramble something, anything, together last minute. I’m working toward quantity rather than quality. In some ways, this is great for measuring progress and keeping me going, but at the end of the year, I don’t know how much quantifying has helped. It’s changed me somewhat but I need something better for 2017.

As I work toward many different goals I have picked three words of value to keep to. The first word is Move. This word represents movement in time, steps toward or away from a goal. I hope to move forward, but I must not stand still. Although 2016 I stepped forward in my mindset I did not move far in career and location. I want to avoid being still. The word ‘move’ also applies to getting my body moving in exercise. Lastly, as a love of animation, I want to move those drawings and create. Which leads to my second word, Make.

Make comes from Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art speech. I remind myself to make good art no matter what has happened in life, good or bad. I want to make 2017 my year. I create my year and I will make my projects and goals happen.

The third word has always been a word I held close to my heart but for some reason never dare to work on. It’s Empower. I want to inspire and empower others to do what they love to make and move their world. I plan to find ways to enable myself so that I can build others up. I like the word empower over things like inspire and value because it means that I’m helping others to grow and feel confident to do things themselves. It’s permission to be your own boss to allow someone to claim their rights. Just thinking about the word gives it power and grows the idea. It’s a beautiful blossoming idea in my mind and I want to take the strength of that word and give it others as well as empower myself.

There are many projects and goals that I have but I want to stand by these words for the year. To use them as a measurement for my growth. If you’re still looking for what to do for your New Year’s Resolutions perhaps pick a word or more. I suggest keeping it to three at max because words hold weight. Picking too many might leave you confused and conflicted. I feel like these three are mine for the year and I hope they will guide me to make good choices with my time, relationships, work, and goals.

I’ll be showing more of my projects in 2017 and how these words help me create them. Please bare with me for the next week while I redo my website and clean up my internet homes. Lots of dusting to do!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!


Animation Inspiration 64

Just some quick ones. I’m being distracted by Kim Possible.

Face Melter! | By Make It Move

Love this loop! It’s fun seeing it repeat over and over again. Fun quick animation with interesting splashes.


Words Animation | By HANDS UP BY

Great lockups for every single word. I love the way each title is reset in the same way. It’s fun that the letters lock up in fun unique combinations with the same simples. Very simple design with simple movements too.

Wide Open Lettering

Today’s post is a little late, I got sucked into trying to perfect my pieces. So today I decided that I would do some lettering again and think about words as narratives, but not in the traditional sense. By that I mean going back to last year’s 365 days of Lettering. Making words become more than just words by changing its form.

I took the lyrics from Wide Open by the Chemical Brothers and tried to think about how I personally visualize the words, and why certain parts of the song jump out of me. I used color to highlight the words that I, personally, find appealing and important lyrically. Then visually constructed the verse on the paper. Part of the exercise was listening to the song on repeat and just letting myself channel my feelings into it. After lettering it I took it into photoshop and just let myself think about it visually and turn the lyrics into my art.

I also encourage you to watch the video below because it’s visually stunning and tells a beautiful story through the art of dance.