Animation Inspiration 104 | Yule Log

I’m tired. Too much walking in the snow today, fun night, but I’m just done for right now. -yawn-

Please enjoy the Yule Log website. The music is my new productivity soundtrack.


Animation Inspiration 16

It’s April and I’m rewatching Christmas animations…this is completely normal, because Spring is the time you think about fireplaces and hot fires to curl up next to…right? Okay maybe that’s a lie…I really just think about how I should probably go outside instead of sitting inside trying to art, but then decide that watching Charmed for the umpteenth time is probably a better idea. Anyway, back to the animation inspiration.

This is Yule Log a project created by Daniel Savage which has creative animations of yule logs from many different animators! There’s a ton of which are beautifully done and absolutely mesmerizing. So many unique styles which makes me excited to create. If you have time you should watch all of them, otherwise here’s a few of my favorites (which is all of them, but I made myself only pick 3 for the sake of this blog).