Hi friends.

It’s been a long time. Well, life is crazy and I just haven’t sat down to write you all like I did last year and for the beginning of this year. So, with only two months left of 2017 and a whole lot of crazy going on, I felt I should bring this back. Just a general life update and a new place to document again.

So, I’ve been working for VaynerMedia for the last few months. It’s been amazing and very chaotic with lots of moving to New York City and within the city, meetups, making new friends, parties, and so much more. I haven’t documented the last few months of my life as well as I like for posting here so if you’ll bear with me. I plan on making a couple projects to explain those months and digging through my phone photos. Until then, just wanted to pop in and say stuff is coming.

Currently, I have a lot of writing to do since it’s National Novel Writing Month. I’m creating a lot of fun content over on my Instagram which I recommend going over to if you want to keep better tabs on everything I’ve been creating as well as my day-to-day.

Basically, I’m writing again. I’m debating if I want to do a daily journalling like I did in 2016, starting on Jan 1st. I think it’ll be good for keeping track of all of the amazing things I’ve been creating and doing and will continue doing. I get busy and there is only so much time in a day, so I don’t want to over-commit myself to a daily blog if I don’t have the time or energy to do so. But anyways, I’m rambling.

So Hi. How are you? Anyone still read this strange and weird journal I crafted about my projects? Excited to write again friends.



Digital Doodles 2

I had a reason for going into photoshop…but I forgot what I was making halfway through and ended up just arting. Pulled out the cintiq to letter in photoshop, got distracted, and this happened. Now too tired to return to the original purpose of working on my selfi animation. So I present you with more digital doodles. I don’t know what to do with these doodles. Anyone want a new desktop or phone background? You’re welcome to use them, just let me know if you do. If anyone has any ideas of what to do with these let me know.


Love at the Dog Park – Sketches


IMG_5667So taking a break from my ongoing mystery to focus on my overarching animation goal this month. Tonight I’m aiming to focus on planning my story and start some sketches. I’ll try to get a full story idea out in this week, but tonight I really just want to get some sketches down. I haven’t illustrated in awhile so concepting some characters as well as studies is important.

The story I’ve decided to work on is from my 10 Story Concepts posted earlier.

Sam is a dog afraid of other dogs, but his owners force him to go on walks, or even worse, to the dog park. One day he falls in love with another dog at the dog park, but he overcomes the fear of dogs by sniffing and barking at her first.

Expanding on this idea I’ve illustrated a few dogs & started a moodboard on Pinterest. Aiming for some cutie dogs…got a bit distracted with an owl, I’ll save that for another animation. After my warm up sketches I tried to draw dogs that had more narrative poses. Such as looking somewhere or falling asleep. Then sketched a few sequenced frames from a short video.

Tomorrow’s objective is a short script & some basic storyboards to go along with it.